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Crap is was doodling... Mob Life (Mature Content Warning)


When two young girls set off in search for their missing friend they quickly get tangled in an adventure of a life time and a fight for survival as they must face crazed enemies and come to terms with a powerful truth. In a medieval village something big is about to unfold, when a mad scientist lures the village children to his lab in the woods...

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Don't mind our dust - October 8th, 2013, 2:21 pm

It should not affect anyone but just in case, Please excuse any errors or bizarre events you may stumble upon while viewing the site today, Allison is doing some minor tweaking and adding a new section. We are arrare of any problems and there's no need to contact us about it . Sorry for any inconvenience and we will be as quick as we can in our edits!

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