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Crap is was doodling... Mob Life (Mature Content Warning)


When two young girls set off in search for their missing friend they quickly get tangled in an adventure of a life time and a fight for survival as they must face crazed enemies and come to terms with a powerful truth. In a medieval village something big is about to unfold, when a mad scientist lures the village children to his lab in the woods...

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We're back - July 3rd, 2014, 7:27 pm

Starting today , every Thursday there will be an update with extras about the world the characters live in!

Sorry for such a long an unannounced hiatus but everyone working on the comic are high school students entering their last year, so as you can imagine the late winter and all of spring was a busy time for us. We had to limit our writing and drawing times so we could keep our grades up!

Now with summer here we plan on pumping out more pages.

We're using the summer as a chance to get caught up and hopefully get chapter one done. Regular pages will be started again this fall starting in September or October and running though to the new year. Until the fall updates will be under the 'Summer Extra 2014' category and will be things like maps , character backgrounds and more.

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